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Sustainable multi-functional furniture by MULGEO Our square fibre stool with rounded corners is made of 100 % mono-material Kraftliner. In addition, the material Kraftliner is made of replanted trees, which makes our stool to a CO2-neutral product. Kraftliner can be completely recycled as a high-quality scrap, without having to separate materials.

MULGEO STOOL is suitable for events, receptions, eateries, restaurants and many other occasions. Internal lid gives a smooth surface on all sides of the stool. Easy to reclose and handle because of rounded corners, the stool is practical to use for storage of guests’ outerwear and bags.

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— dimensions
4 sizes available 370 x 370 x 340/460/640/800 mm

— quality
Multiple layer Kraftliner, waterproof and water-resistant Highest UN quality mark, Class X, Recycling Resy approved, number: 3235 High pressure resistance when stacked – approved for 350 kg

— colors
Natural and White

Produced in EU

Minimum order: 12 stools