Menu Luk

The MULGEO mission is to open a series of blini bars in Copenhagen, and beyond. We give our customers flavors and ingredients inspired by the Northern region in a way that is local, sustainable, and delicious. Our spaces will be decorated in a minimalist, Scandinavian style to further fuse these cultures together, and to be recognised as a Danish brand. 

  • MULGEO believes in a total food and beverage experience; eating at a restaurant should stimulate all the senses
  • MULGEO believes in top-quality ingredients 
  • MULGEO believes in eating as sustainably as possible, including local ingredients, urban farming practices, and seasonal eating
  • MULGEO believes in hiring professional people who are passionate and willing to grow
  • MULGEO believes that Copenhagen and other Nordic cities are ready for this unique food concept
  • MULGEO believes that combining luxury and accessibility results in a premium product that people find both enjoyable and aspirational.